Top 10 Big Scandals That Greatly Affected The Presidency Of Barack Obama

During Barack Obama’s life and during his tenure as President of the United States, not everything was rosy. Even if the former US president is perceived as one of the best leaders, it remains that he was affected by scandals that our colleagues were kind enough to share with readers on Thursday, November 7, 2017. So here the 10 scandals that affected Barack Obama.

1. Former US President Barack Obama has sued more journalists than all the other presidents before him reunited. Yet Trump is accused of waging war against the free press.

2 . Barack Obama never kept the election promise to recognize the Armenian genocide. He lied to his people for 8 years. He never kept that promise.


3 . Eric Holder Obama’s Attorney General was detained for contempt of Congress for refusing to hand over to the commissions of inquiry any documents about the illegal operation of Fast & Furiousfirearms  . It must be said that the Attorney General is equivalent to the Minister of Justice.

4. The former president illegally spied on journalists, including 170 Associated Press reporters, and their family members. Many journalists have been prosecuted under the Obama era with dubious charges of “conspiracy”.

5 . The IRS has been persecuted and harassed by many Americans for their political views. When the scandal broke, a scapegoat was fired.

6. Obama has let his friends steal more than $ 500 million in the Solyndra scandal.

7 . President Obama’s Justice Department has let Wall Street bankers, who launder money for drug cartels, be fined much less than the profits from these crimes.

8. As part of Operation  Fast & Furious, the State Department under Obama, sold firearms to Mexican drug cartels, and one of these weapons was used to murder a federal agent.

9 . Just after the beheading of an American journalist, Barack Obama played golf

10 . Obama has let a huge bank get away with a money laundering case, and not a single banker has been charged with money laundering crime for drug cartels.


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