Top 10 Best Safest Cities In The World 2015 (No African cities is safe?)

Every county has its own unique cities, and each probably tries to enhance its security to attract tourists from around the world. Of course, if you want to take a tour to another country, which country will you prioritize? Maybe, you want to observe a little bit before you make a firm decision to visit a place. Safety is the important factor to be considered. Therefore, it is important to know which cities have the most security in the world.


New York City Safest Cities

Do you want to live in the safest place in the world? One of the safest and center of businesses is New York City in the United States. This city is marvelous for health security and a technological digital security. Boasting its developed social security, New York is now having an approximate six homicides per day. However, the city is also the strategic place where terrorist attacks and cyber war threat are prevalent.



Now if you go to Australia, decide to stay in Melbourne if you have no desire to visit any beautiful places in the country. This does not mean that Melbourne is not a beautiful city, but the city is one of the safest cities in the world. Infrastructure is well built for “fast and safe” that you don’t have to worry about your personal driving safety, and you might know that people living in Melbourne have longer life expectancies at an average of 86 years. Taking other things into account like living cost, this city is ranked number 6 of the best cities in the world.



Toronto is a big city which is full of ethnicities in Canada. Impressively, Toronto has been a dream place with busiest metropolis and amazing soring skyscrapers, but all making a beautiful urban view under the sprouting CN Tower. It is a green city full of parklands and zoo, and thus the best city for environment, democracy, business, and cost of living due to the Index. Moreover, the built infrastructure is planned for human safety. Because of those diversities, Toronto is a favorite city for American Hollywood films.


Zurich situates at the northern end of Lake Zurich in Switzerland, and it is the city of globalization famous for finance and banking. Of course, Switzerland is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Thus, no doubt that city of Zurich is a kind of ideally safe city in terms of health and infrastructure. In addition, the city is also praised as the high-income city with GDP per capita of $50,000 just behind Singapore.



Do you want to see the beauty of harbourfront Opera House? Then go to Australia to the city of Sydney, which is one among the largest cities in the country. This city has a population of 4.5 million people and is classified in the top 10 for personal safety and infrastructure security. Although people may find Sydney’s digital and health security slower than New York and Tokyo, it also ranks 14th and 17th respectively.




One of the premiedival cities in the golden era, Amsterdam is located in Netherlands, known for historical stylish arts and complicated canal system. This city has a population of 820,000. Like other top 10 safest cities, Amsterdam is a place of wonderful designed infrastructure for personal driving security. Moreover, the city is also in the list of high-income cities in the world. Most importantly, it is best recognized with pollution reduction from cars.



14 islands forms Stockholm Archipelago on the Baltic Sea, in Sweden. This island has a population of 909,000 and is listed 7th for digital safety and 10th for health security. Of course, now Stockholm is the only European city to be in the top five ranking cities in personal safety. Like other high-income and developed cities, Stockholm provides the best personal healthcare to its people. If you want to see a beautiful island city, come to Stockholm to see sightseeing boats which ferries passengers on the island under more than 50 bridges.



Japan has another port city of Osaka, which is a commercial city on Honshu Island. This city is praised for its technological architecture, energetic nightlife and street food. One of the oldest cities in Japan, this city is settled down by 2.6 million people and was agreed to be put in the 6th rank personal and health security. It is a very wealthy city ranking 2nd as the highest-income city among others. This city only lags behind Tokyo’s digital security.



Now the second safest city of the world is situated in Southeast Asia, particularly Singapore. Singaporean people have no concern regarding personal safety like burglary and theft because the government of Singapore has adopted public policies to ensure the well-being of its people. Thus, don’t ever try to involve in crime. This city will impose a sever penalty like capital punishment. BBC told that Singapore has the lowest crime rate, and low murder rate in the world after Palau and Monaco. Amazingly, it is also the highest-income city with GDP per capita above $50,000.



Last but not least, Tokyo is the world’s safest city in the world. The city is settled down by 13.3 million people, of course one among the most populous cities in Asia. However, the city is ranked the 1st in terms of digital security and in the top 5 for personal safety and good infrastructure. Japanese people living in this city are very wealthy, which was listed among upper-middle income cities. If you come to Tokyo, don’t hesitate to experience a nightlife, and don’t worry about robbery and mob at night.


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