Top 10 Best Brunches in Hammamet

Hammamet is known for its exotic nightlife, glamorous bars, and scrumptious restaurants. But if you prefer the quiet life as opposed to letting your hair down, or if you crave somewhere to recover from the previous night’s craziness, you’re in luck. Here’s our list of the best brunches in the area!

Yachting Cafe Restaurant
Yachting Cafe Restaurant © Trip Advisor

Yachting Cafe Restaurant

Brunch is a beautiful thing. Coffee is a beautiful thing. And when you put them together, magic happens. The place where you can find the best of this miraculous combination is Yachting Cafe Restaurant. Around the marina – Hammamet’s central, bustling area – you’ll usually strain to hear yourself think over the pleas of restaurateurs for you to come to their establishment. All part of Tunisian culture! But Yachting is different. There are no loud persuasions – simply because they’re unneeded. Enjoy a quiet coffee and snack overlooking the sunshine.

Availability – Breakfast to dinner

Address – Marina Yasmine, Hammamet 8050

Best for – A caffeine hit without the frenzy

La Belle Vue
La Belle Vue © Trip Advisor

1. La Belle Vue

Last but not least, La Belle Vue gets our honors. They’ve nailed the fine line between traditional Tunisian fare and modern mixtures of other cultures – something that can be notoriously difficult to master. In fact, La Belle Vue is actually quite splendid. Maybe head here if you’re looking for a brunch with a twist – rather than the standard coffees and crepes, it would be ideal for a special occasion.

Availability – 8am-2pm

Address – Avenue Habib Bourguiba | Centre Commercial,Hammamet 805

Best for – An exotic brunch

Steakhouse © Trip Advisor

2. Steakhouse

Although you’re fortunate to be travelling in beautiful Hammamet, it could still be argued that no one does brunch better than the British. Luckily then, Hammamet does British breakfast right – Steakhouse’s specialties are full English breakfasts, which could be considered either luxurious or essential, depending on where in the world you call home. It’s owned by a lovely Scottish family who also do exceptional roast dinners.

Availability – Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Address- Carthagoland entrance, Hammamet

Best for – Feeling British!

Al Kalaa
Al Kalaa © Facebook

3. Al Kalaa

Now if you want to feel more loyal to the area you’re actually in, it’s time to head to Al Kalaa. Within the walls of the famed Medina, its decor is exotic, decked out with red carpet, lit lanterns, and dramatic steps. Although you may associate this with romantic evening dinners, Al Kalaa is actually a great place to have breakfast as well. They serve up a storm in the form of Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisines, with everything from falafel to hot chocolate.

Availability – Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Address – Yasmine Hammamet El Minda, Hammamet 8050

Best for – A glamorous morning

Da Franco
Da Franco © Tunisia Online

4. Da Franco

You won’t go hungry at Da Franco – they juggle a range of cuisines, including Mediterranean, Italian, and of course, Tunisian. It may be more expensive than average, but it’s also lesser known in Hammamet, so you won’t be confronted by the chaos that often finds its way into local eateries, thereby creating a more pleasant eating experience altogether. The food is of high quality and you can’t find a more indulgent cappuccino.

Availability – Breakfast, lunch, dinner


Address – Avenue de Nevers, Hammamet

Best for – Transporting your taste-buds to Rome

La Bouillabaisse
La Bouillabaisse © Trip Advisor

5. La Bouillabaisse

La Bouillabaisse may count steak as their most-ordered, but you still won’t regret brunching here. Why not have a cooked meal mid-morning and get the best of both worlds?! If this doesn’t appeal, their drinks are wonderful; staff offer their full attention; and the restaurant has a widely unspoiled feel to it. Bravo!

Availability – Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Address – La Marina -Yasmine, Hammamet

Best for – Feeling truly looked after by the waiters

The Rovers Return Inn
The Rovers Return Inn © Trip Advisor

7. The Rovers Return Inn

Now, I happen to be British, and if you do too, you might not think a typical English gastro-pub would ordinarily warrant a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor. When the place in question is bang in Hammamet’s central, however, this is a different story, and it thoroughly deserves this acclaim. A friendly pub, The Rovers Return will make you love the cheerful cups of tea and hot breakfasts.

Availability – 9am-4pm

Address – Yasmine Hammamet Seafront, Hammamet 8050

Best for – No-frills proper good food

Sidi Bouhdid
Sidi Bouhdid © Trip Advisor

8. Sidi Bouhdid

Classed as being home to the “best view in Hammamet,” you sure will have lovely scenery unfolding as you savor your brunch. Similarly, it’s also a great backdrop for admiring the sun go down, but as this is brunch-centered, we’ll focus on the mornings! In this traditional coffee shop, the green tea, made from the flowers of Fell, epitomizes all that this simple but irresistible cafe has to offer.

Availability – 6am-11pm

Address – La Medina Arabe, Hammamet

Best for – Sipping teas brewed from locally-grown herbs

Time Out
Time Out © Trip Advisor

9. Time Out

Why would you go to Time Out? Well, when you need time out! Puns aside, this really is a delightful little find in Hammamet. Home-cooked, natural food that’s locally-sourced, with pleasant staff who’ll make even morning haters want to chat over their breakfast. Their coffee, cake, and British teas don’t amass to much individually, but collectively they combine to make this among Hammamet’s brunch elite.

Availability – 6am-12 midnight

Address – 256 Avenue De La Liberation, Hammamet 8050,Tunisia

Best for – Whittling away a morning

La Bella Marina Restaurant
La Bella Marina Restaurant © Trip Advisor

10. La Bella Marina Restaurant

When you think “La Bella Marina,” fancy cigale lobsters and evening settings may jump to mind more quickly than brunches, but fortunately for residents and visitors of Hammamet, you can come here when the mid-morning lull hits, too, and have a pick-me-up guaranteed. It’s mostly seafood and steak, but when it’s of this quality, it’s never too early in the day to start indulging in it.

Availability– Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Address – Rue Dag Hammarshold | 8050

Best for – A civilized palate


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