Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities In Africa – Dar es Salaam Replaces Lagos In New List…


Africa has nothing to envy other continents. Today, some African cities are able to compete with several European, American and Asian cities, in terms of infrastructure and beauty. Now we offer you the top 10 of the most beautiful cities in Africa.

1- Cape Town (South Africa)

The first of the most beautiful cities in Africa is also one of the most beautiful in the world. Sights such as the Cape Point and the mountain table illustrate the beauty of this city.

The cap

2- Cairo (Egypt)

This city is no longer present. The palaces and mosques, the sphinxes, the pyramids are all sites that embellish Cairo.


3- Johannesburg (South Africa)

This city reminds us strangely of the city of Manhattan with its innumerable skyscrapers.


4- Alexandria (Egypt)

The city of Alexander the Great! Alexandria is one of the oldest cities in Africa. Despite its age, this Egyptian city has managed to modernize with time.


5- Bata (Equatorial Guinea)

The beauty of this city resides in its fine sandy beaches at short distance from the bustling city.



6- Tunis (Tunisia)

One of the peculiarities of this city is the mildness of the country-specific climate. Tunis is one of the African cities with an excellent road network. Not to neglect also the maintenance of the buildings.


7- Nairobi, Kenya

Nicknamed the Montreal of Africa, Nairobi brings together many headquarters of international organizations.


8- Marrakech (Morocco)

Marrakech is one of the dream destinations in Africa. Located in the center of Morocco, in the interior, it is nicknamed the red city.


9- Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam means a “Havre de Paix” in Arabic. This is the capital of Tanzania. A beautiful city bordering the Indian Ocean.

Dar es Salaam

10- Abidjan

The pearl of the lagoons as it is called, the economic capital of Cote d’Ivoire with its beautiful beaches closes the ranking of the 10 most beautiful cities of Africa.



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