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Top 10 Bathroom Fails So Awkward You’ll Never Want To Pee Again.

It doesn’t take a virtuoso to introduce a latrine in the lavatory. For whatever length of time that the pipes is there, all the installer needs to do is guarantee the extent of the restroom and the latrine will fit by the estimations already taken.

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Aside from that, it is just a matter of following instructions. In fact, the process is so straightforward, homeowners will often take it upon themselves to do the work rather than pay someone else to do it.

Yet, not every toilet and urinal is equal. Some go through a great deal of thought and planning before installing their toilet, while others put little to no effort. After all, a toilet seat has two main functions. It doesn’t need to be fancy, pretty, or cozy. It just needs to flush after you are done your business. At least that’s the only explanation we could come up with after seeing some of the following photos.

#1. You will never quite live up to her expectations.

#2. The perverted toilet seat.


#3. You heard the saying, couples that go to the bathroom together, stay together. Said no one ever!

#4. This person has had one or two situations where the toilet paper ran out.

#5. Just think of all the other hands that were on there before you get all excited.

#6. For those that take too long in the bathroom, this gives them an incentive to be quicker.

#7. Close quarters ensures everyone’s aim is on point.

#8. People just want to wash their hands, don’t need to sexualize the simple act.

#9. Because some people feel like the toilet is the closest thing to a throne.

#10. This bathroom doesn’t have just one peeping Tom to worry about.

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