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Top 10 Afro Illustrators Every African Needs To Know About!!

Between BD and humorous drawings loaded messages, these artists chose to black women in the spotlight. Here is a top 10 illustrators of African not to be missed.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and these artists have understood!

1 – Vanessa aka Vee has the madness in Martinique

Vanessa, aka Vee, is a native of Martinique illustrator. Since December 2007, it highlights with humor in his comic blog, U n Lizard Madinina , scenes of everyday life and dreams. With her blog, she won the Golden Scoop in 2009 and the Prix Coup of Heart in 2011 at the Grand Competition She bloggers.

& Copy; VEE / unlezardamadinina
© VEE / unlezardamadinina

2 – Peniel Enchill and positive attitude

Peniel Enchill is a young British freelance illustrator from Ghana. Its culture and its heritage inspires its West African fashion and lifestyle illustrations. For his drawings, she hopes to give black women a more important and positive role in society, but as she says“one sketch at a time” (a skit at a time).

& Copy; Peniel Enchill
© Peniel Enchill


3 – Massira Keita and waxées silhouettes

Massira Keita mixing the wax and fashion to create its quite unique designs it prints on sweaters, tote bags and other accessories and fashionista modder. His faceless silhouettes and colorful inspired by his Ivorian culture and loincloths worn by her mother.

& Copy; Marissa Keita /
© Marissa Keita /

4 – Hina Hundt, electrical cherry

In his drawings, Hinda Hundt seeks to reflect as accurately as possible the universe and makes a mockery of the scenes of his daily life with sensual black women and carriers of messages. She declines his colorful designs on different media such as pillows, laptop bags or clocks. The Cherry Electrical us of his adventures and his sketches on his blog.

& Copy; Hina Hundt /
© Hina Hundt /

5 – Nicholle Kobi alias Nikisgroove represents the Black Power

His designs visible on his T umblr and I nstagram , Nicholle Kobi represents black women, strong, modern, natural hair and stylish in their daily lives.

& Copy; Nicholle Kobi / Nikisgroove
© Nicholle Kobi / Nikisgroove


6 – Diana Ejaita, minimalist

On Jamaican origin, the artist plays with black and white contrasts and different textures to create minimalist style works well as clothes in the same style. Diana Ejaita highlights the strength of African womanhood. We find in his work of old signs and ideograms Nsibidi taught school there for centuries.

& Copy; Diana Ejaita
© Diana Ejaita

7 – Thiandiwe Tshabalala, provocative art

This South African artist fan of Beyonce did not pencil in his pocket. Thiandiwe Tshabalala does not hesitate to deal with sensitive issues in South Africa, politics etc. The issue of being a black woman and a feminist is recurrent in his work with red orange colors.

& Copy; Thandiwe Tshabalala /
© Thandiwe Tshabalala /

8 – Adelosa Lasisi between urban and traditions

Adesola Lasisi is Nigerian, passionate about fashion but shy. So it is in his drawings that the artist expresses fashionista by designing outfits that she would like to wear. His style is a blend of urban chic and traditional in shimmering colors.

& Copy; Adelossa Lasisi / illustrationbyadesola
© Adelossa Lasisi / illustrationbyadesola

9 – Ruramai Musekiwa, Ambassador Black is beautiful

Known for his creative project Sibhale , Rarumai Musekiwa , from Zimbabwe, highlighted the major African women as Lupita Nyong’o or Miriam Makeba. This project aims to combat the vision of black girls themselves because of the media. His works are striking and with heavy messages such as war or the search for identity.

& Copy; Ruramai Musekiwa / Sibahle
© Ruramai Musekiwa / Sibahle

10 – Woohzoo Lyn: a sensitive lover

Woozoo Lyn is not a professional illustrator, yet his drawings are worth seeing. It does not seek to depict scenes of everyday life, but rather feelings such as happiness or sadness, anger etc. What interests Whoozoo Lyn, and what drove him to draw black women is the natural hair of the past: their particular texture and complex drawing. A way for her to explore all the possibilities of his virtual palette.



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