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Top 10 Afro-American Stars Who Love To Wear The Loincloth

Since the advent of social networks and the proliferation of fashion blogs in recent years, the industry of haute couture and ready-to-wear has been a great success with the African loincloth. Indeed, if the great African stylists use more and more the loincloth for their creations, it is to show their belonging to Africa and to make known their culture all the world. Here are 10 African American celebrities who love to dress in loincloth.

1- Beyoncé Knowles


2- Solange Knowles

3- Alicia Keys

4- Rihanna



5- Nicki Minaj

6- Keyshia Cole

7- Karrueche

8- Victoria Rockwell

9- Nicole Parker

10- Michelle Williams


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