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Meet the 10 African Presidents Who Travel with the Most Expensive Private Jets

Luxurious, state-of-the-art technologies, plush interiors, super-sonic speeds.

These are the some of the words that would best describe the expensive jets that African Presidents cruise the world in.

Business Insider SSA takes a look at some of them:

10. Angola President’s Plane (Embraer ERJ-135)

Angola’s President José Eduardo dos Santos flies in the Embraer ERJ-135 that is said to cost a whopping $16 million. The plane is renowned for its durability and high dispatch rate and has a maximum cruising speed of 834 km/h. The Embraer breed of airplanes is manufactured and assembled in Brazil.

9. South Africa Presidential Plane (C130)

The C130 plane offers superior performance with a wide range of flexibility for every theater of operations and requirements of the decorated leader.

The plane is meant to “keep the president ready for next mission and for whatever future holds” as authorities would have it.

8. Kenya’s Presidential Jet (Fokker 70)

Uhuru Kenyatta flies in a customized Fokker 70 that is powered by 2 Rolls Royce engines. The plane was acquired in 1995 and 22 years down the line, the fuel efficient aircraft is still going strong. It boasts a cruising speed of up to 845 km/h and costs an estimated $20 million.

7. Ghana President’s Plane (Embraer Jet 190)

The Embraer 190 is a twin-engined regional airliner with a capacity of maximum 114 passengers produced by the Brazilian manufacturer. The plane has a speed of 870km/h and goes for around $46 million.

6. Egyptian Presidential Plane (Air Bus A340)

The ultra-long-haul plane offers unmatched operational flexibility on non-stop flights over remote areas. It has state-of-the-art technologies besides being enhanced with military security protection to keep the president safe on air.

5. Libya President’s Jet (A340)

Commonly referred to as “Afriqiyah One,” Airbus A340 jet boasts four engines and two –class cabin configuration. The 850 km/h max speed plane costs an estimated $411 million; and comes customized with the latest amenities.

4. Algeria’s Presidential Plane (A340-500)

The Algerian President rides in a $261.8 million plane that runs on four engines. It has a private bedroom, a fully equipped shower room and high quality finish. A340 can last airborne for up to 14 hours, non-stop.

3. Nigeria’s Presidential Plane (Boeing 737)

The Boeing Business Jet 737 is popularly known as the ‘Eagle One’. It is categorized as a medium-range narrow-body airliner and is incorporated with ground-breaking technologies to ensure the President is safe in air.

2. Zimbabwe President’s Jet (Boeing 767)

The so-called Oppressive Dictator’s plane cost the Zimbabwean taxpayers over $400 million. The expensive jet has a maximum cruising speed of 858 km/h making it one of the fastest in this part of the world.

1. Morocco King’s Plane (Boeing 747-400)

And topping the list is Morocco King’s plane worth $450 million. It has two decks – the main deck and the upper deck. The main deck has meeting rooms, a private cinema hall and a spacious play area. The upper deck has pool tables and five private sleeping berths.

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