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10 Of The Most Expensive Planes Flown By African Presidents (See Interior And Exterior Photos)

Flying is one of the most important means of transportation, and it is only important that every President of any African country or anywhere else in the world has access to a very convenient flying machine that offers luxury, security and boasts of world cla$$ communication equipments and other things. On top of moving faster and wasting less time, it’s easier to get work done in the air when you’re alone. Even in first or business cla$$, Ca$$ pointed out, it’s risky to have confidential conversations, because you don’t know who may be around.

So the next time you wonder why companies spend tens of millions to buy their own jets instead of putting employees on commercial fights, know that it’s not about creature comforts. It’s about saving time and money. This mild sunny evening we’re going to talk about the top 10 best presidential planes in Africa. Prepare for an interesting virtual journey inside and outside each one of the following magnificent aircrafts owned by African leaders.

10Angola President’s Plane (Embraer ERJ-135)

After the Embraer EMB-120 Brasilia crash in 2011, Angola’s president now flies in a more superior Embraer ERJ-135. The ERJ-135 COSTS ABOUT $16 million which is obviously a far cry from Nigeria presidents Boeing 737. What makes this plane superior however is its engine – 2 X Rolls_Royce which has a power of 7400 lbf. The plane has a maximum cruising speed of 834 km/h. The Embraer breed of airplanes is manufactured and assembled in Brazil.

9.South Africa Presidential Plane (C130)


As one of the most powerful man in Africa and leader of the most technologically advanced and developed country Africa has ever seen it is no surprise that South Africa’s number one citizen travels in elegance. This custom built Boeing 777 aircraft  costs the South African tax payer about R4 Billion.

8.Kenya President’s Jet (Fokker 70)

Kenya is one of the few African countries that is classified a regional power. It is the richest and most developed country in East Africa. Not as wealthy as her West African or South African counterpart President Uhuhu Kenyata has to settle for a Fokker 70 aircraft which can seat 25 people and has a max range of just 860 km.

7.Ghana President’s Official Plane (Falcon 900 Ex Easy)

Talk of luxury and speed all packaged together and President John Mill’s plane comes to the

foresight. The three engine supersonic jet enjoys an extended range of 9000 kilometers which simply means that it can stay airborne for up to 13 hours. According to a Ghanaian newspaper, the Falcon 900 cost $37 million.

6.Egypt Presidential Plane (Air Bus A340)


Egypt is without a very powerful country. It has the largest and most formidable military in Africa and a strong diplomatic clout in the Middle East. Egypt president’s official plane is an ultra long-haul Airbus A340 which offers unmatched operational flexibility on non-stop flights over remote areas e.g oceans and mountain ranges. The super plane includes state-of-the art technologies that allow the president to travel in ultimate comfort over long distances. The luxurious plane is further enhanced with military security protection to keep the president safe on air. According to the official Airbus website Egypt president planes has a length of 75 meters, a height of 17.22 meters and a wing span of 63.45 meters.

5.Libya Presidents Jet (A340)

The late Muamma Gadafi was without doubt the most flamboyant African (Dictator). He had a battalion of bodyguards , all women ready to take a bullet for him without hesitation. His  official plane is commonly known as Afriqiyah One. The plane is pretty luxurious, with luxurious rooms, bedroom, showers, DVD players and a private kitchen. This means that Libya’s president can survive in this plane for several months of things go hay wire down in Tripoli. According to Airbus, the A340 jet boasts 4 engines and two –class cabin configuration. The 850 km/h max speed plane costs an estimated $411 million; and comes customized with the latest amenities.

3.Nigeria President Official Plane (Boeing 737)

Airforce One (President)


Eagle One (Vice President)

Being President of the richest and most powerful economy in Africa comes with a lot of *goodies*. Besides the insane salary the President has to make do with 9 Presidential Jets. As one of the most powerful man in Africa Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has in the first 8 months of his presidency made a total of 28 foreign trips. While other countries maintain just one Presidential plane for its president, Nigeria’s President have more aircraft’s  than the Nigerian air force  have fighter jets.  The President also have a similar number of Helicopters dubbed Marine One. This oil rich nation is the only country in Africa insane enough to have a separate (allbeit smaller) fleet of Executive Jets for the Vice President. So while the President flies AIRFORCE ONE, a Boeing 777, the Vice President flies EAGLE ONE, a Fokker-70 . According to reliable sources, the plane cost the ordinary Nigerian taxpayer a whopping $390 million. A sneak peek to this revered plane shows that the Airbus is incorporated with ground-breaking technologies that ensure President Buhari is safe on air.

2.Zimbabwe Presidential Jet (Boeing 767)

1.Morocco King’s Plane (Boeing 747-400)

The Kingdom of Morocco is a relatively stable and prosperous nation. So prosperous Morocco saw itself above the rest of Africa, dropped out of the former Organisation of African Unity and applied for EU membership, of course the request was flatly denied.The billionaire King of Morocco knows vividly what it means to fly luxuriously. He flies in a super-luxurious Boeing 747 which costs about $450 million. The plane has two decks – the main deck and the upper deck. The main deck has meeting rooms, a private cinema hall and a spacious play area. The upper deck has pool tables and five private sleeping berths. The aircraft is also rumoured to have state of the art defenses including active radar jammers and flares to confuse missiles and a customised escape hatch in the unlikely event of a mechanical/engine failure and an inevitable crash.


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