Top 10 African Countries With The Most Powerful Military Strengths!! Egypt Still Holds The Top Spot!!

The 10 African Powers Ranked by Military Strength: Many people in the African continent are suffering due to political upheaval, fighting and oppression. Global Firepower (GFP) has ranked the African nations based on their military might.

Here are the top 10 most powerful countries in Africa, with their Power Index (PwrIndx) score as of 2017.

10) Libya (PwrIndx: 2.3353)

Active Personnel: 76,000

Libya has a population of 6,244,174. It covers 1,759,540 sq km and has a coastline of 1,770 km. The nation’s defense budget is $3 billion. Libya has 400 tanks and 46 aircraft.

Libyan Army

9) Angola (PwrIndx: 2.2599)

Active Personnel: 107,000

Angola’s population is 18,565,269. It has 107,000 active frontline personnel and 3,039,089 people are fit for service. Angola has one of the largest air forces in Africa. Angola has 140 tanks and 270 aircraft.

Angolan Army

8) Tunisia (PwrIndx: 1.8635)

Active Personnel: 35,800

Tunisia’s defense budget is $550,000,000. It covers an area of 163,610 sq km and a coastline of 1,148 km. The nation has 350 tanks and 139 aircraft. Total naval strength is 150.

Tunisian Army

7) Morocco (PwrIndx: 1.8499)

Active Personnel: 195,800

The population of Morocco is 32,649,130 and the defense budget is $3.4 billion. Morocco covers an area of 446,550 sq km and has a coastline of 1,835. It has 1,348 tanks and 323 aircraft.

Moroccan Army

6) Kenya (PwrIndx: 1.7689)

Active Personnel: 24,120

Kenya covers an area of 580,367 sq km and a coastline of 536 km. The nation’s defense budget is $595 million. Kenya has 24,120 active frontline personnel and 12,168,138 people are fit for service.

Kenyan Military


5) Nigeria (PwrIndx: 1.5261)

Active Personnel: 80,000

Population of Nigeria is 174,507,539. The country’s defense budget is $2.33 billion. It has 363 tanks and 96 aircraft. Nigeria’s total naval strength is 75. It covers 923,768 sq km and has a coastline of 853 km.

Nigerian Military

4) South Africa (PwrIndx: 1.3467)

Active Personnel: 62,082

South Africa covers 1,219,090 sq km and has a coastline of 2,798 km. Defense budget of South Africa is $4.61 billion. The nation has 191 tanks, 213 aircraft, and its total naval strength is 30.

South Africa Military

3) Ethiopia (PwrIndx: 1.3229)

Active Personnel: 138,000

The population of Ethiopia is 93,877,025. It has 182,500 active frontline personnel. The nation covers 1,104,300 sq km. Ethiopia’s defense budget is $340 million. It has 560 tanks and 81 aircraft.

Ethiopia Military

2) Algeria (PwrIndx: 1.1698)

Active Personnel: 130,000

Algeria covers an area of 2,381,741 sq km and has a coastline of 998 km. The nation’s defense budget is $10.57 billion.


1) Egypt (PwrIndx: 0.6122)

Active Personnel: 438,500

Egypt is the most powerful nation in Africa. It has 4,767 tanks and 1,100 aircraft. Its total naval strength is 237. As of 2011 the Egyptian Armed forces have more than 438,500 active personnel, in addition to 800,000 personnel available in reserve and over 400,000 paramilitary personnel making it one of the largest armies in the world. At $7.85 billion, it also has the largest defense budgets in the world.

Egyptian Military

It would be wonderful if these nations use their military power to spread peace and goodwill among its citizens.



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