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Top 10 African Countries With The Best Business Environment

If Africa is today the eldorado of investors, it is still necessary to discern the countries that have an environment conducive to entrepreneurship. The quality of the environment predisposes you to success. We propose here the African countries which have a good environment to undertake.

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Index (GEI), Tunisia is the leading African country in the quality of the entrepreneurial environment. The index was based on the analysis of the 14 areas considered as determining in the quality of the entrepreneurial environment. Thus, the North African country owes its overall score of 42.4 / 100 to the availability of private and public capital (venture capital) which is credited with a score of 70/100.


The strengths of Tunisia

The country of jasmine has important assets namely, the ability to develop new products and to integrate new technologies. According to the report, the quality of human capital both in business and STIM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in Tunisia, exceeds the average of 50/100.

However, the report reveals that Tunisian entrepreneurs have a strong aversion to risk. This lack of risk is mainly fueled by political instability. Globally, Tunisia ranks 40 th spot followed by Botswana (52nd with a score of 34.9 out of 100), second African country in the ranking.


Ranking Africa, according to the quality of the entrepreneurial environment.

  1. Tunisia (42.4 out of 100)

  2. Botswana (34.9 out of 100)

  3. South Africa (32.9 out of 100)

  4. Namibia (31.1 out of 100)

  5. Morocco (29.2 out of 100)

  6. Egypt (25.9 out of 100)

  7. Algeria (24.7 out of 100)

  8. Rwanda (21.5 out of 100)

  9. Ghana (21 out of 100)

  10. Nigeria (19.7 out of 100)


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