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Top 10 African Countries With The Best Health Care Services!

Mahathma Gandhi once said, “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” Hospitals help millions restore good health. In recent years, Africa has seen the rise of some technologically advanced hospitals.

Here is a brief overview of the top 10 hospitals in Africa as of 2016, according to Webometrics.

10) Centre Hospitalier et Universitaire Hassan II Fes (Morocco)

Centre Hospitalier et Universitaire Hassan II Fes is a reputed hospital located in Fes, Morocco.

Centre Hospitalier et Universitaire Hassan II Fes

9) Diani Beach Hospital Kenya (Kenya)

Diani Beach Hospital is a premier private healthcare facility located in the beautiful Diani Beach on the south coast of Kenya. It is adjacent to leisure lodge golf course. It was established in 1997 by Dr. K. S. Rekhi. It is the most experienced hospital in the south coast of Kenya and is well-known for its high quality care and efficient staff.

Diani Beach Hospital Kenya

8) Life Healthcare Hospital Group (South Africa)

Life Healthcare is a leading private hospital operator in South Africa. The group’s primary business is acute hospital care. It has an extensive geographic network of diverse facilities, including hospitals in seven provinces. Its hospitals are located in the nation’s metropolitan areas.


7) Arab Contractors Medical Centre (Egypt)

Located in Cairo, Egypt, the Arab Contractors Medical Center was established in 1981. This hospital is recognized by patients and community for its quality care. It is located on top a green hill and offers an impressive spectrum of advanced medical treatments.


6) Netcare Group (South Africa)

Netcare Group provides innovative and quality healthcare solutions in South Africa. They operate the largest private hospital group, primary care network and emergency service in South Africa. Netcare is the biggest trainer of emergency medical personnel and healthcare workers.

5) Ganzouri Specialized Hospital (Egypt)

Located right in the heart of Cairo, Egypt, the Ganzouri Specialized Hospital (GSH) is a private general hospital. It has been serving the people of this region for 37 years. The hospital believes in providing tailored services to patients. It has more than 150 business customers. The hospital’s culture is to improve continuously by assessing the needs of the patients.

4) Neuropsychiatric Hospital Aro Abeokuta (Nigeria)

Located in Nigeria, this modern mental health hospital is committed to providing quality mental health service, training and research in conductive environment with community participation and international collaboration. The cost of obtaining any service in the hospital is tailored to the economic power of the average citizen of Nigeria.

3) Institut Pasteur de Madagascar (Madagascar)

The Institut Pasteur de Madagascar is under the Ministry of Health and Family Planning. It is recognized as a charity by the Government of the Malagasy Republic.

2) AIC Kapsowar Hospital (Kenya)

Located in Kapsowar, Kenya, the AIC Kapsowar Hospital is a full-service hospital. It is led by the African Inland Church (AIC). The hospital has been serving the people of this region since 1933. It is committed to spread medical education and frequently hosts medical students from other nations.

1) Gambro Healthcare (Swaziland)

Baxter International Inc. acquired Gambro AB recently. The new company is committed to advance therapeutic options for dialysis and intensive care patients globally.


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