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Top 10 African Countries With The Most Beautiful Women! 2016 Rating!!


Africa is blessed with culture, treasure, languages and obviously beautiful people. Beauty doesn’t lie on white skin, black skin has unique appeal which you can’t deny. African women are beautiful with their black chocolate skin and curly hair. Here is a list of 10 African countries that hold most beautiful women.

#1 Rwanda

The most attractive feature of women in Rwanda is their full lips. Their figure is also amazing with nice thighs and hips. Not only by physical structure, but also by mentality, women in Rwanda are beautiful. They are hard-working, independent and influential. These are the reason Rwandan women take the first place in this list.


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#2 Somalia

Though Somalia is devastated by war, but it didn’t destroy their beauty. At first you can take the example of model Iman from Somalia. Her stunning appearance and flawless catwalk style has made her one of the best models around the world. Soft long hair and Stunning facial features make them more attractive.


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#3 Ethiopia

Civilization started in Ethiopia, no wonder, this country has the most beautiful women in store. People say, Ethiopian women got their beauty as a mixed race of Yemeni people and Ethiopian. Their intriguing faces and voluptuous bodies will leave you open mouth. Another thing makes them unique that is their incredible shoulder dance.


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#4 Cape Verde Islands

The place is called the daughter of sea. Cape Verde is a small place, but the most favorite place for travelers. Women in this island got a mixture of European and African color tone. They are very tall and also have a strong beauty stance in the world.

Cape Verde Islands

#5 Angola

Angolans are called chocolate Scados. Angola women have great facial proportions & noble features. Women in this country are famous for their natural beauty.


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#6 South Africa

If you look at some places such as Cape town, Johannesburg, Durban and Pretoria, you will get a lot of beautiful women. South African black women are as beautiful as white women. South Africa is the famous rainbow nation and their women are also beautiful like rainbow.

South Africa

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#7 Nigeria

Bootylious nature and fertility make Nigerian women famous. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, so they also give birth a lot of beautiful babies. Nigerian women are also famous for their home management. If you think of a wife, Nigeria can be your destination.


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#8 Ghana

Without the gold coast, beauty can’t be completed. Women in Ghana are famous for their height and ebony skin tone. Ghanaian women are very respectful which enhances their beauty. Like their physical features, tehir minds are also beautiful. They think of relationship rather than a fat bank account.


#9 Kenya

Women in Kenya are famous for their ebony skin tone and beautiful backsides. They are also very jovial and most importantly Kenyan women are so down to earth and you will probably not found such women in the whole world. They are amazing and romantic.


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#10 Tanzania

Tanzania is also a home of beautiful women. Women in Tanzania are famous for their home management and bedroom skills. If you like to have a Tanzania girlfriend, visit there and if anyone likes you, she will take you to her parents.


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