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Too Late? Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Puts Password to Presidential Results

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has reportedly put password on the presidential results posted on its website, so as to stop people from accessing and analysing the results, more so in the face of a court challenge to be filed by the MDC-Alliance.

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Previously, the information from the Alliance insiders was that the case was to be filed yesterday (7 August 2018), however the officials later corrected the statement, and according to them, the case is in fact expected to be filed today.

The case if finally lodged with the Constitutional Court, is expected to give ZEC headaches, as the applicant says it has more than enough evidence to expose the theft of vote by the national election management body (ZEC).

In a move to stop people from comparing the Alliance’s evidence results and ZEC’s results, the election management body has put a password, so as to make comparison difficult.

However, this could have come a little too late as some had already downloaded the results from ZEC’s website, before they thought of putting a password on them.

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