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“Toilet Roll” Challenge: Lionel Messi Impresses the World with His Skills – (Video)


Following the expansion of the Coronavirus epidemic, Lionel Messi is locked up at home like several other footballers. To this end, the Argentinean indulges in some challenges to relax. The pulga thus participated in the famous challenge of toilet paper which is gaining popularity on the Internet.

As the principle of the challenge indicates, it is a question of finishing 10 juggles using not a ball but a roll of toilet paper.

It was once again for the Argentinian star to show more of his skills. Instead of 10 juggles, Messi did 19 juggles, almost twice as much as he is asked to.


Arturo Vidal, Jordi Alba and Luis Suarez are the different teammates that the sixfold Golden Ball invited to take up the challenge. His Argentine compatriot Sergio Aguero was also cited.

The goal of this toilet roll challenge is to urge fans to stay home at a time when coronavirus is wreaking havoc around the world.



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