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“Togo has no reason to fear for its future,” Says President Faure Gnassingbe

In a forum entitled “Togo, stakeholder in a new Africa” ​​published in the columns of the magazine Jeune Afrique No. 3007 of Monday, August 27, the Togolese Head of State presents the development assets of Togo. According to him, these advantages constitute the stone that Togo brings to the construction of the new Africa.

“Togo, part of a new Africa”

Deep changes occur every day in many areas. They change the way we produce, consume and trade. Robotization and full machine performance make value chains less dependent on labor costs. Social relations are defined by rapid demographic trends and accelerated urbanization. Political representation is challenged by new forms of activism. And the list continues.

Togo is part of a world that is changing rapidly and has achieved significant economic and social results. But what has been achieved can be further improved: the recently adopted National Development Plan (NDP) will enable us to better face the challenges ahead. It is part of the United Nations 2030 Agenda and the 2063 Agenda of the African Union. It balances the economic, social and environmental pillars – a necessary condition for changing our paradigm of development.


An Africa facing major trends in demography, technology and climate change requires targeted supportive policies. Our common ambition must be guided by a level of sophistication and coherence of our public policies that will succeed only with better managerial skills and that if we demonstrate determination.

The environment of our country is marked by a healthy and stimulating competition. Togo is not alone in wanting to become a logistical and financial hub of excellence, for example. I remain confident, however, because we can count on a modern airport and we plan to build a second one. Our port is well positioned, and we have the ability to develop interconnected highway infrastructure more quickly and cheaply given the small size of our territory. Many international banks, including some of the largest pan-African institutions, have chosen to set up their headquarters and operations in Lome. The safety and quality of urban life also make the country attractive. With the development of ICT services and quality education,

We are not alone in wanting to industrialize quickly. Here again, the PND focuses on concrete means: adding value to our raw materials, by focusing first on.


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