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Togo Government Restores Internet Connectivity After Days Of Total Black Out

Government  in Togo has re-established web network just about seven days after it was cut. Information was cut on September 5, hours to an arranged restriction challenge a 50-year-old decision administration.

The legislature made it a necessity for power outage and Wi-Fi get cut as political challenges commenced. The restriction in the nation is requesting that the president steps down.

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A two day protest last week extended into a third day when opposition activists took to the streets of the capital Lome and other major towns. Aside demands that Faure Gnassingbe steps down, they are calling for wide political reforms.

Among others, the revision of the 1992 Constitution which was modified in 2002 allowing Faure to run for an unlimited term.

The opposition says they want the original two five-year term limit to be restored, a two-ballot system, reform of the Constitutional Court and the Electoral Commission.

Faure Gnassingbe has been in power for 12 years now. His current mandate secured in 2015 runs till 2020. He took over after his father Gnassingbe Eyadema died having ruled Togo for 38 years.


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