Today’s Quote- Courage Is Fear Holding On A Minute Longer, George S. Patton


Whatever you fear most, is what you should do today. Holdon to that course! However fearful you are, only means ahead lies the silver lining you are waiting for.

Courage isn’t absence of fear, its just you dragging fear along till you get to your destination.

General George Patton, if not for anything understood the meaning of Fear. In the face of war, you could only get courageous and not backing out. He led the Third Army in a very successful sweep across France during World War II in 1944. He was skilled at tank warfare.
George Patton was born in San Gabriel, California on November 11, 1885. Considered one of the most successful combat generals in U.S history, he was the first officer assigned to the Tank Corps in WWI. During WWII, he helped lead the Allies to victory in the invasion of Sicily, and was instrumental to the liberation of Germany from the Nazis. He died on December 21, 1945 in Heidelberg, Germany.


In War, George Patton wrote..Courage Is Fear Holding On A Minute Longer..

Courage is fear holding on a minute longer. - George S. Patton


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