To Fight Populism, Hillary Clinton Urges Europe to Control Influx of Migrants

Combating fire with fire: To stop the dynamics of the “right-wing populist” movements in Europe and the United States, Hillary Clinton suggests adopting the policies that they propose for immigration.

There are defeats more difficult to digest than others. Two years after being beaten by Donald Trump in an election she could not lose according to polls, Hillary Clinton is still trying to figure out what happened to her.

To fight populism, Hillary Clinton urges Europe to control immigration© ARIO ANZUONI Source: AFP
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.


And the unfortunate candidate, who would consider according to some echoes across the Atlantic to represent in 2020, wants to take advantage of the Old Continent of his experience to help him “fight the growing threat of right-wing populists.” In an articlethat is part of a series devoted to the subject by the Guardian , the former Secretary of State advances her solution: implement the policy wanted by populists in immigration.

“I think Europe needs to control migration because that’s what ignited the flame [of populism],” she told the Guardian . “I think it’s fair to say that Europe has done its part and needs to send a very clear message:” We will not be able to continue to provide shelter and support, “she continued, saying that his political camp, the “centrists”, did not take the problem head on, it would continue to poison the debate.

“There are solutions to immigration that do not require repressing the press, political opponents, trying to knock out the judiciary, or seeking financial and political support from Russia,” he added. Hillary Clinton in a very clear spike at the address of Donald Trump. But the former candidate in the presidential election has preferred not to rely on the famous solutions she evokes. Did she think … of building a wall ?


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