Nigeria’s Tiwa Savage Defends her Support for the #BlackLivesMatter movement

Nigerian pop singer, Tiwa Savage received a backlash from her fans for supporting the #BlackLivesMatter movement when Nigeria had other problems plaguing it. She took to her IG page to defend her stance. Read what she wrote after the cut..

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  1. Now let’s not forget what has been happening to Nigerians in India and do you think that other blacks didn’t feel your pain ? When India decided to target black Nigerians we saw it as targeting people of color worldwide because if we had been there in place of Nigerians and hadn’t even had a chance to speak so that they hear no accent we know oh to well what the next identifying marker is that they would have saw. Blacks can never change their skin and I don’t know what else to say about it, I can remember a time when many talked about Africans saying they are just to dark in complexion (black) and I felt that because my daughter was called a “burnt cookie” do you think that they took time out to ask her what tribe or part of Africa are you from and she never forgot this and neither do many people of color currently trying to bleach all traces of black out of their skin while burning I mean straightening all traces of what they lable as kinky and happy out of their hair and her fans feel that this is not their problem really ? It’s to pitiful to laugh and she told them just right she can never change herself in that regard and neither can any of the rest of us !

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