Tips: Ladies, Here Is How To Find The Perfect Balance Between Your Profession And Private Life

The years when the woman was waiting at home with the children’s dad’s livelihood is over. Today, modern women no longer limit themselves to the role of mother and wife. And this is all the better insofar as this societal evolution reduces more and more the inequalities between men and women.

How to be a good mom and model employee? How to be a good mother without putting aside your professional ambitions? Can my pro life endanger my couple?

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Being Mom and Working

Difficult to find a balance between motherhood and her own ambitions. To evolve professionally implies necessarily to make personal sacrifices, in the same way that to maintain one’s marriage and to become a mother will necessarily engender professional sacrifices.

How to manage this ambivalence?

Start by accepting the fact that you can not be on all fronts and that you do not stick to the perfect woman image that the company conveys.


Many family mothers have the feeling of never doing enough, of not being able to organize themselves properly, or of not being sufficiently present.

You have the right to be tired and imperfect without necessarily feeling guilty. While the evolution of society allows fathers to become more involved in their family life, statistics show that women are more concerned with household tasks and children, even when they have a job in time full.

Reconciling couple life and professional ambitions

Like all forms of relationship, a couple deserves to be nurtured by simple attentions and compromises (on the part of both man and woman).

We avoid leaving the office every night of the week after 8 pm, we do not bring home work (as much as possible) and we stop talking non-stop about this hyper-important contract or the colleague who annoys us for some time.

The cut between the private sphere and the professional sphere is paramount so that the one does not encroach on the other. Otherwise you are likely to be confronted with a burn-out in a short time.

And finally, if the balance between work, child and couple life requires good organization and the establishment of simple rules, all is about feeling and communication.


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