Tips For Conceiving A Boy Or A Girl

What if you were told there are tips as well as methods you could make use of to be a proud mother of a baby boy or girl. Seems astounding? Here are 7 valuable tips that might assist you identify your child’s sex, in many cases also prior to you conceiving!

For Boys:
1. Avoid acidic foods:

Experts have stated that the follicular acid in the reproductive tract of a female can help determine whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. If the follicular acid has a high alkaline content, the condition favors the male Y-chromosome and if the follicular acid has a high acidic content, the condition favors the female X-chromosome.

In short, dial down on the pineapples and oranges if you wish to have a baby boy.

2. Drugs:
Guaifenesin-based cough syrups help loosen mucus, and it has been found to work on your nether regions as well, and makes conditions more favorable for the male Y-chromosome.

Note: Only use a guaifenesin-based cough syrup, as other ingredients may lead to irritation.

3. Say No To Cardio Training:
We know how much you are worried about your body shape and you want to keep fit during your pregnancy. But, if you plan to have a baby boy, it might be a good idea to avoid cardio training. It is said that if you focus on losing weight during pregnancy, chances are, you will have a baby girl.


4. Deeper Penetration:
It isn’t just pleasurable. Deeper penetration, for instance, doggy style, offers the faster male Y-chromosome a head start and increase your chances of conceiving a boy.

For Girls:
1. No Salt:
Remember we talked about how acid levels in your follicular acid can affect the gender of your unborn baby. Following that line of reasoning, it is believed that having more lemons and vinegar in your diet, and reducing the amount of salt you eat, can make conditions more favorable for a girl child.
2. Timing:
Way back in the 60s, Dr. Landrum Shettles devised the Shettles Method. According to the method, female X-chromosome travels slower than the male Y-chromosome and live longer as well. So, plan to have sex a couple of days before you ovulate. Three out of four couples successfully try and use the Shettles Method to determine the baby’s sex.

3. Avoid Orgasms:
Well, we aren’t talking about male ejaculation. Yes, ludicrous it may sounds but when a woman orgasms, the sperm moves closer to the cervix. Don’t worry. Once you are pregnant, you can enjoy sex, at least until the third trimester. In fact, the hormonal sensitivity makes sex more enjoyable for women.

source: Mom Conjunction


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