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Tips And Tricks On How To Edit PDFs Online For Free

We all have used PDF files at some point in time. On many occasions, there was this urgent need to make some edits to the file but we were unable to do so. Although Adobe Acrobat is pretty heavy software with all the essential editing tools at your disposal, in order to edit a PDF using Adobe Acrobat you need to have a paid version of the software.
However, if you don’t have a paid version and still work with PDFs and want to edit them with ease then we have a workaround for you. We have a simple process using which you can edit your PDF files without Adobe Acrobat.


Follow the below mentioned steps and edit the PDF files with ease:

First, you have to upload your PDF file to Google Drive in order to start the process of editing it.
Once the file is uploaded to Google Drive, then click on New> File Upload and browse to the location where the file is saved on your computer.
After the process of uploading the file is complete, go to the file in your Google Drive and right click on it.
After that you have to select Open with > Google Docs.
As soon as the file opens in Google Docs you can make the required changes and then again save the device as PDF or Word Document or any other file format you want.
However, you must keep in mind few things before using this method. The above-mentioned method works best only with PDF files that contains text. In case you are editing a form then there are chances that some fields will go missing after the editing. Along with this, if the PDF file contains of any images or fancy text formatting then that will also disappear.



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