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Tip: Here Are 3 Tips For Recovering Burnt Rice. – You won’t believe the first tip.

A moment of inattention in the kitchen and … it smells like cramé. The rice burned and it sticks to the bottom of the pot. You try to recover it but your efforts are in vain.

Here’s 3 steps to the solution!

First, consider reducing the damage by sparing the unburned grains from the pan. To remove the carbon odor from your casserole and to prevent it from affecting the rice grains intact, several options are available to you. But we propose to you 3.



1-Use slices of bread

One of the most effective tricks when your rice has burned is to cut one or two slices of white bread and put it in the pan or rice has burned. Cover the pan and wait about 10 minutes as the bread absorbs the smell and taste of the burnt. Then remove the lid and bread and you will see that the burnt rice taste has disappeared. Try!

2-Bicarbonate can serve you

If you have chosen the method of baking soda, you will proceed similarly except that instead of covering the casserole with its lid you must cover it with the clean cloth. Indeed, if you cover the casserole with its lid, baking soda can be drowned by water vapor and will not be able to aspirate the odor of carbon properly.

3-Onion is also recommended

You can also turn to a similar trick that will help you solve the problem of burnt rice: this is the onion. Then the use is simple. Simply peel it and cut it in half to put it inside the rice pot.

Cover and wait 10-15 minutes for it to absorb the taste and smell of rice as if nothing had happened.


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