Tigrayan Family Reunites In A Refugee Camp After Fleeing Ethiopia’s Conflict

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A family separated as they fled Ethiopia’s Tigray region have been reunited in Sudan.


Tsiga Tegra’s husband was detained by armed men for seven days in their village before being released, but the experience left the family feeling they had no choice but to flee.


Leaving in various directions they had no idea if they would see each other again but were finally reunited in Hamdayet – a reception center hosting thousands of refugees from Ethiopia fleeing to Sudan.

Although safe, they are struggling to cope.


There is a lack of food, sanitation and healthcare, alongside the threat of waterborne disease.


The UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency), together with Sudanese authorities, have moved some 12,000 refugees from Hamdayet and Abderafi border points to Um Rakuba camp, situated some 70 kilometers away from the Ethiopian border.


Nearly 50,000 Ethiopians have fled to Sudan, following the conflict in Tigray.

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