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Throat Care: Here Are 6 Signs You Need To Talk To Your Doctor!!

What are the symptoms that affect your throat and should you push to see a doctor? An update on these signs not to be overlooked, with the explanations of Doctor Gilles Besnainou,  physician.
A sore throat that lasts more than 10 days

When to worry? “A persistent sore throat located at a fixed location should push to consult,” says Dr. Gilles Besnainou,

Why ? “The causes can be multiple (giant aphthous, various ENT pathologies or cancer) but in all cases, a sore throat that lasts more than 10 days must be the subject of a consultation in ,” advocates the doctor .

Caution: this symptom is not to be taken lightly, “especially in people who consume alcohol and who smoke,” two risk factors for cancers, recalls the doctor.

Good to know: The fever associated with a sore throat is not a worrying factor. “On the contrary, fever is a sign that the body defends itself against inflammation such as angina or tracheitis for example,” reveals Doctor Besnainou.

A hoarse voice that does not return

An angina or condition may temporarily modify the voice. “It can be a hoarseness of the voice, a change of tone or extinction of voice,” says Dr. Besnainou. “But if this change lasts more than 10 days, it will be necessary to consult a doctor,” he adds.

Why ? A permanent change in the voice may be a sign of chronic laryngitis, vocal cord pathology, or laryngeal cancer.

A ganglion that persists for more than 3 weeks


A ganglion in the neck has the shape of a small ball, painful or not to the touch. “A ganglion in the neck may be due to toothache, flu, or angina. But if it persists for more than 3 weeks, consider consulting, “advises Dr. Besnainou.

Why ? If the persistent lymph node is painless, it may be a sign of a chronic  disorder, a lymphatic condition or a cancer such as lymphoma or leukemia. “And if it lasts more than 3 months, then it will be necessary to carry out a complete assessment including an ultrasound and a puncture of the ganglion to make a diagnosis”, specifies the doctor.

Permanent discomfort with swallowing

The difficulty in swallowing, pain or constant embarrassment to swallowing always in the same place should not be symptoms to be taken lightly.

Why ? Difficult swallowing may be a sign of a neurological disease such as Parkinson’s disease. “In the elderly for whom discomfort is accompanied by false roads, it can also be diverticula of the esophagus,” says Dr. Besnainou.

A long cough

“A cough is not necessarily alarming, but it should be consulted if it lasts more than two or three months,” says Dr. Besnainou.

Why ? “Before thinking about more serious causes, you can sometimes attribute the persistent cough to viral tracheitis, pertussis, mycoplasma pneumonia or legionellosis,” says the doctor.

Blood sputum

The presence of blood in sputum should always prompt a doctor.

Why ? The blood in the sputum may come from the throat, lungs or respiratory tract.

The causes are multiple: it can be throat irritation, lung damage due to respiratory disease such as tuberculosis, or lung cancer.



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