Three Ways You Are The Cause Of Your Severe Body Pains Via Sleep

You always wake up from sleep with severe body pains and may be wondering what must have happened when you were asleep.

You know your job is not that tedious to warrant such pains but sometimes the pain is so much that you are unable to get up from bed.

You may be the cause of this but may never know. Here are 4 ways you’re the cause of your body pains

Old weak mattress
Sleeping on old weak mattress for a long time can cause back pains and injuries in other parts of your body. Doctors recommend that the public should opt for orthopedic bed which is very strong and specially designed to hold your body well when you sleep and prevent body aches.


Flat pillow
You may just be hurting your neck by sleeping on a weak flat pillow. This type of pillow leaves you with nothing other than neck pains and bad dreams. Sorry bad dream part is just a joke. Visit the nearest chiropractor to recommend quality pillow brand for you.

Sleeping position
According to, wrong sleeping positions can affect your whole body, causing immediate pain and long-term damage. Poor sleep posture interacts with existing conditions, such as shoulder injuries and osteoarthritis, to make them worse. Improper spinal alignment can affect the muscles, joints, organs and nerves and cause back and neck pain, as well as remote body pain. This situation can, however, be prevented and cured by attention to how you position your body in your sleep environment.


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