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Three Months After His Death, Didier Drogba Offers a Large Sum of Money to the Late Arafat’s Family

It’s been exactly three months since the famous singer of the shifted coupé Arafat DJ has passed from life to death after a traffic accident. An unexpected disappearance that had affected not only the singer’s family, but also the world of music and its thousands of fans.

Drogba offers a large sum of money to Arafat's family

Since the tragic death of Yôrôgang’s founder, Didier Drogba, the most famous footballer on the Ivory Coast, has been a great source of moral support for the family of the deceased. The former footballer went farther a few hours ago, providing financial support to the family left behind by Arafat DJ. Maybe he wanted to do it at the right time?

Drogba offers a large sum of money to Arafat's family

The former captain of the elephants of Côte d’Ivoire has just donated a sum of 10 million CFA Francs as a  ”  Yako  “  (expression of compassion, in local language) to the family.


By offering these 10 million, Didier Drogba took the care to distribute the sum as follows: 2 million to the mother of the deceased, Tina Glamor, 2 million to each mother of the children of DJ Arafat to know Carmen, Aisha and Aurelia, and 2 million to the brothers and sisters of DJ Arafat, namely Houon Stéphane dit TV3, Houon Séverin, Houon Olivier and Kéké Carla said Baby Carla (400 000 Cfa to each of them).

Drogba offers a large sum of money to Arafat's family

Thus the distribution of 10 million was made according to the wishes of the legend dubbed Daïzôkô (affectionate nickname of Didier Drogba).

It must be said that this is not the first time that Didier Drogba brings so much assistance after the death of a celebrity of Ivorian music. The former Chelsea striker had already made such a gesture when the late Douk Saga died more than a decade ago.

The fans and the Ivorian people have largely welcomed the gesture of the legend Didier Drogba.


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