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Three Kenyan Lions Die In Bushmeat Traps

The arrival of lions in akagera national park beyond the expected – Rwanda  safari news
Three lions have died in Kenya’s Masai Mara national park after being trapped in snares laid by hunters try to catch bushmeat, the authorities say.

Four hyenas and one eland were also killed.

“It is with tremendous sadness that we announce the tragic death of Rafiki, Lenkume [and] one of Lenkume’s sons,” the Mara Predator Conservation Programme said on its Facebook page, referring to the lions.

All the animals “fell victim to a cluster of deadly bushmeat snares”, it added.


It said that the eland must have been trapped in a snare “and we assume that this is what attracted the lions and hyenas to the site, where they also got trapped in snares”.

The authorities are now clearing the site of other traps and investigating what exactly happened.

The Mara Predator Conservation Programme also posted a series of grim pictures showing the dead animals but said: “Let’s remember these beautiful lions when they were roaming the Mara.”

Following years of poaching and a decline in their natural habitat, there were just 2,000 lions left in Kenya at the last count, in 2017.


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