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Though Out Of Power But Still In Money- Long List Of Robert And Grace Mugabe’s Perks


Mugabe was forced to resign in November‚ but the current president has – in an official gazette – revealed that Mugabe and his wife Grace are entitled to more than 25 staff‚ a fully furnished office‚ two properties‚ a fleet of cars for employees‚ private international travel and an entertainment allowance.

Grace Mugabe will be looked after when Mugabe dies and be entitled to stay in an official residence.

The gazette specifically details benefits for any retired president who ruled Zimbabwe since 1987. That was the year Mugabe switched from being prime minister to becoming president‚ suggesting the law was specifically designed with Mugabe and his wife in mind.

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Here are the perks allocated to Mugabe:

— A fully furnished official residence in Harare

— Housing allowance or a private residence anywhere in Zimbabwe with five bedrooms and three guestrooms or lump sum of money equivalent to the cost of building a private residence


— At least six security staff‚ which can be increased at the current head of government’s request

— Two drivers

— Two private secretaries‚ two office assistants and two personal assistants

— At the residence Mugabe is able to employ: two gardeners‚ two cooks‚ two waiters‚ two laundry staff and three domestic workers

— An office with computers‚ cellphone‚ landline

— Vehicles and petrol costs for all staff serving the president. The cars must be replaced every five years.

The current president has the discretion to increase the number of security personal and decide on Mugabe’s entertainment allowance.

The private residence‚ described in the gazette as “a reasonably sized house”‚ is allowed to have five bedrooms‚ a guest wing with three guest rooms‚ a study‚ swimming pool‚ two guardrooms and two garages.

The benefits also include medical aid contributions for the president‚ his spouse and children under age of 21.

Mugabe and his wife will have diplomatic passports‚ first class air and train transport four times a year inside the country. The pair are also entitled to four international private air trips and the use of a Mercedes Benz 500 series or equivalent vehicle in a foreign country.

Mugabe’s electricity and water bills will also be paid.


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