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Though Far Away From Home, Africa Receives Over $60 Billion From Diaspora Annually

They might appear to be far away from home but they still haven’t forgotten their roots. In 2016, Africa received more than $60 billion (according to ADB in share transfers from diaspora .This has enormously contributed to the economic development.

“The image of Africa has partly adjusted mainly through Africans in Diaspora. Added to this is the contribution from diaspora on the economic plan. Today the transfers of migrants exceed in value the public aid to development. There is a clear plan on value from these contributions by diaspora,” said Alioune Sall, an African in the diaspora.

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Through innovation, broad based networks, and tried and true outreach, diaspora are taking their love for Africa and applying it with ingenuity for good.

“It is essential to change the future Africa to focus on what works. If it does not show what works, We shoulld not envy the other countries since it will be a pity. It is important that we, from the diasporas (because there is not that a African diaspora, there are several), it is also necessary that we can support Africa,since we are 54 countries. We must support,” said Sonia Rolland, Senegalese living in France.

Diaspora entrepreneurs and organizations are widening spaces in the continent for African-led development and growth. Initiatives such as Villages in Action, Shea Yeleen, Sierra Visions, Face Africa, and Akili Dada are just a few of the successful diaspora efforts launched in Africa with local communities.


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