Thomas Markle Slams Daughter Meghan Markle, Says She Insulted the Queen and Has “Dumped Every Family”

Thomas Markle has slammed his daughter Meghan Markle again and accused her of treating Queen Elizabeth and the royal family shabbily.


Thomas Markle Sr. was seen at an Office Depot in Rosarito, Mexico, and was asked if his daughter has the right to use the term “royal” as part of her brand. He replied by going off on his daughter.


He said she has been disrespectful to The Queen and that she keeps dumping everyone in her life. He added that he’s not surprised because it’s her mode of operation.


He said that Meghan and Prince Harry “don’t have a right to speak to the Queen the way they’ve spoken to her.”


He was referring to Harry and Megan’s statement where they said the Queen has no ownership of the word royal after she blocked them from using their Sussex Royal brand.


He told TMZ that Meghan’s latest statement left him “very upset.”


Thomas Markle added that Meghan is disrespecting the British people as a whole. The Duchess’s father went on to say some really personal things.


“I don’t think they have the right to use the word royal,” Thomas told the outlet, adding, “I don’t think they have the right to speak to the Queen the way they’ve spoken to her.”


He continued: “I think it’s an insult to the Queen and the British people. My daughter dumped me one day before she got married. She dumped my family. She’s dumped Doria’s family. She’s dumped every family. And now she’s dumping the British family.”


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