This Woman Drank Only Soda For 16 years, Here’s What Happened to Her

Many people will grab a can of soda pop when they feel thirsty. Here’s why allowing that to take over all your drinking habits would impact your body.


When you think back to America in the ’50s and ’60s, images of large cars, greasy hairstyles and those typical diners instantly materialise in your mind. At least, (not being an American myself,) they do to me

I’m also instantly reminded of soft drink commercials, and that’s no surprise, because in the last fifty years, soda manufacturers like Coca Cola quickly grew into one of the biggest industries in the food sector. Some people drink it as though it was water. Hell, I used to as well, when I was little.

Even though sugary drinks seem to be on a bit of a decline in today’s culture, it’s still an interesting question to ask what happens if you were to substitute all of your fluid intake for Coca Cola. How would your body respond, and has anyone ever attempted it? As ever, AsapSCIENCE explores the topic from all facets in this week’s video. Have a look


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