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This Village Has A 3D Zebra Crossing- Future Road Safety For All

This 3D zebra crossing is the future of road safety. It’s currently being tried out in Ísafjörður, Iceland, and looks amazing and cool.

But it’s not just about the safety of the Pedestrians alone, the 3D effect also helps drivers to see the crossing easily, making it possible to slow down for people crossing.

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Ralf Trylla, who is the Icelandic environmental commissioner, pushed through the idea after seeing a similar optical illusion drawn in New Delhi, India.

Street painting firm Vegmálun GÍH then brought the concept to life. The design, which took a few weeks to complete, makes it appear as if the zebra crossing is shifting depending where you observe it from.

From above the white lines look like columns but at ground level they look like they’re hovering.



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