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‘This Time Yesterday’!! President Obama – ‘The sun will rise in the morning’  

President Obama has a message to Americans: The sun will, in fact, come out tomorrow.

In an election night message he recorded for BuzzFeed News, Obama sought to sooth any angst among voters as they cast ballots on Tuesday after what’s been a contentious presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

“This has been an exhausting, stressful and sometimes downright weird election for all of us,” Obama said. “We’ve been through tough and divisive elections before and we’ve always come out stronger for it.”



BuzzFeed News


President Obama has a special #ElectionNight message for you: “No matter what happens, the sun will rise in the morning”



In recent weeks, Obama has hit the trail for Clinton in several battleground states. On Monday, Obama, joined by his wife, Michelle, campaigned alongside Clinton in Philadelphia.

“Whether your chosen candidates win or lose tonight, let’s all agree, not only to stay engaged, but to push ourselves to do even better,” he said.

In closing, he added, “no matter what happens, the sun will rise in the morning.”


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