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This Starchy Food We All Eat Has Killed An Entire Family! It’s Necessary To Be Vigilant!!

We all have potatoes in our kitchen that save us the bet when we do not know what to cook. The potato is consumed all over the world and it is not without reason because it is generally a vegetable that everyone appreciates.

However, it is important to be careful as it can turn out to be toxic when it starts to rot. A Russian family paid the price because almost all the family members died.

A simple potato decimated an entire family

It is the family Chelysheva from a town near the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan who died as a result of an inhalation of toxic potato gases.

Only the youngest of 8 years has managed to survive this terrible misfortune. Maria is the one who lost her mother, her dad but also her grandmother and grandmother.
According to the police investigation, it was the father of the family who was the first to touch the toxic gas of the potatoes first descending into the cellar.

He had fainted and that was what alerted his wife who went to the cellar and suffered the same fate.


In turn, the 18-year-old son and soon after the grandmother broke into the cellar and died after fainting.

The 8-year-old girl did not understand what was happening and she decided to go down to the cellar in turn. She found her whole family on the ground but it was thanks to her grandmother that she survived because the latter had left the door open which had allowed the toxic gases of the potatoes to be able to escape from the room.

According to the police investigation, the potatoes in the cellar had rotted causing toxic gas build-up when inhaled.

How is this possible?

Glycoalkaloids is a toxic compound that can be found in many plants including potatoes.

The level of glycoalkaloid increases in the potato when exposed to light or even mildew.

This can lead to serious disorders such as cramps, headaches, diarrhea, or death as the Chelyssheva family.

To avoid the worst, it is necessary not to consume the potatoes on which have germs, and to follow the good process of conservation: sheltered from the light and in a dry place.


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