This School Replaced Detention With Meditation, And The Impact Was Huge

Remember detention? Maybe you don’t (you goody two-shoes…), but if you do, it’s probably not a pleasant memory. It’s a form of discipline that yields mixed results. But what if a school decided to turn this whole philosophy on its head? It’s not fantasy — it has happened, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive.

Detention is used as a punitive measure at schools all over the world.

It’s kind of like an elementary or middle school version of prison. Kids act out and get punished by being forced to sit in a room for a period of time.

Detention is used as a punitive measure at schools all over the world.
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But there are plenty of reasons that this might not be such a great model.

Think about it: a kid who acts out is a bundle of energy. Does it really make sense to force them to wait out their punishment in a sterile classroom? Surely there are other ways to calm kids down.


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Educators at one elementary school thought there must be a better way.

This is Robert W. Coleman Elementary School in Baltimore, Maryland.

Educators decided to replace detention with meditation.

It makes sense, after all. If a kid acts out, what will calm them down faster — sitting in a classroom as punishment or learning meditation exercises?


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The school partnered with the Holistic Life Foundation.

The meditation rooms are a far cry from the standard detention room. Instead of a bland, boring classroom, kids find themselves in a calming space, complete with pillows for relaxation.


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Instead of getting slapped with a punishment, misbehaving kids are advised to try meditating.

Meditation consists of far more than just sitting there silently. Kids are taught mindful meditation techniques like breathing exercises that help calm them down.


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Meditation has been practiced in one form or another for thousands of years.

Various studies, along with a wealth of anecdotal evidence, suggests that meditation is not only calming, but also helps improve focus and attention spans.


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The program has been a smash hit at this Baltimore school.

But it isn’t the only outside-the-box technique educators are teaching kids.


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Sometimes young minds just need a task they can work on and be proud of.

The program extends to the community, as kids are encouraged to help clean up and beautify their neighborhood and build gardens. Principal Carlillian Thompson says, “They love the children, they love the community, and they are an asset to Robert W Coleman.

“There are some children who have anger management problems. The yoga program has enabled those children to do meditation techniques and instead of them reacting and getting angry, they’ve learned how to meditate and redirect their anger.”


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Here’s a video of the program in action. It looks like meditation beats detention any day for these kids!

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