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This New Bus Trip Will Convey You From Delhi To London In 70 Days

Adventures Overland, an Indian expedition firm, has launched a unique road trip from Delhi to London that spans 2 continents and 18 countries in 70 days.

The new bus service, dubbed the “first-ever hop-on/hop-off bus service” between the two destinations, will ferry 20 people on a luxury coach inspired by the Hippie Trail buses that traveled the world in the 1950s.

The journey will take 70 days across 18 different countries and will cover about 20,000km.

It will also offer a “hop-on, hop-off” service so passengers can get off to explore the Pagodas of Myanmar, hike the Great Wall of China, and wander some historic cities of Moscow and Prague among others.

Speaking on the motivation for the service, Tushar Agarwal, a businessman, who co-founded the firm with Sanjay Madan, his colleague, said it was inspired by a solo drive he once had to London in 2010.


“It is an absolutely fantastic journey. There are a lot of people, travelers, who want to experience these overland journeys but don’t want to drive,” he told CNN.

“So, we came up with the idea of putting together a bus in which people can sit comfortably and go on long-distance journeys. And that’s how the idea of the Bus to London was born.”

After establishing Adventures Overland, Agarwal and Madan had organized three India-to-London expeditions in which travelers and tourists brought their own vehicles and traveled in a convoy.

On the price, they said it would cost around $20,000 but passengers can opt to do part of the journey, which is divided into four legs, while also choosing whether to start in the UK or India.

According to Agarwal, his team has been receiving numerous messages from travelers around the world since the idea was announced, with about 40,000 people registering their interest so far.

“The best time is between April and June. That’s when the weather is favorable to start the journey from India to Myanmar and to cross the high mountains of China and Kyrgyzstan,” he added.

The bus ride is scheduled to begin in May next year.


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