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This Mom Seems Happy To Accompany Her Child To School, Take A Closer Look, You’ll Not Believe Your Eyes

A mother’s love is unconditional. When a child is born, it is also the birth of a mother and the beginning of a life devoted to sacrifices. She will give up things without bringing to her children her regrets. A mother wished to remind all women who like her, devote their lives to their families, how these moments lived are invaluable.

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Behind every mother, there is a woman who shows patience, sacrifice and compromise. She forgets herself, disappears and passes into the background, gradually abandoning her share of femininity to devote body and soul to her family. She forgets to make up her dark circles, the stigma of a sleepless night, cooking what’s best for her toddlers without having time to swallow a bite, sometimes leaves her job to become a full-time mom.

Here is the crying letter of truth from a mum’s daily life

A mother holds her daughter’s hand, scarcely higher than three apples, which trots by her side, on the way to school. Distracted, a thousand and one things cross her mind, she thinks of all she will have to do: shopping, housekeeping, cooking. She is overwhelmed and exhausted from accomplishing all these household tasks like an automaton and is anxious that her daughter is big enough to go to school on her own. Maybe then she will have a little more time to devote to herself, time to get a manicure, to get away with a girlfriend or a romantic trip with her husband. This mother also has a young infant who demands all her attention. The nights are endless, she sleeps only at the rhythm of her children, today, what she aspires the most in the world: relax, Even for a few hours. Yet these moments are invaluable, for they will never be repeated again.

Yet the letter she wrote, entitled ”  The Last Time” should open our eyes to something that is paid little attention.

 From the moment you huddle your baby against you for the first time, you are no longer the same woman

You might want to become the one you were before.
When you were free and carefree, your time belonged to you and nothing particular disturbed your peace of mind.
Now you are more exhausted than ever.
The days pass and a mother’s day is punctuated by feedings, teething , The bottles, To cross the road But will not ask you again when he learns to do it alone He will slip into your bed in the middle of the night when he will have a nightmare Then it will be the last night he wakes you up and will sleep with friends You will sing him nursery rhymes and lullabies, tell him one last story before putting him to bed, then he will become too big for that He will kiss you before going to school He will throw himself one last time on your neck Then will be studying in another country, far from you But the hard part is that a mother does not see the time pass until there is no more next time. It takes time to do it,

So while you still have the chance to live these moments, remember that they are only ephemeral and that one day you will give everything to relive them.

Here is a letter that every mother should read , at the slightest blow of the bar or when she can no longer juggle between the responsibilities. Being a mother is the most difficult “job” in the world, but it is also the most beautiful experience of which the memories are indelible.


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