This Man Lost 425 Pounds In 700 Days For One Of The Most Dramatic Transformations Ever!

Leading a healthier lifestyle and losing extra weight significantly improves the quality of life, but it is sometimes much easier to back off and not try so hard to achieve the goal.

Yet, even though is difficult, losing weight is far from impossible. Furthermore, less weight will bring many benefits, including more efficient heart and lungs, more energy, longer life, and reduced joint pain.

Additionally, weight loss dramatically improves the self-confidence, as you will feel and look much better.

Due to all this, numerous people try and succeed to lose weight every day, making amazing transformations over time, which only proves that determination can do miracles!

The following examples of incredible transformations are definitely something worth seeing:

After deciding to change his lifestyle habits, Ronnie Brower lost an incredible 425 lbs in only 700 days!


This is another great success- this Imgur user managed to lose 138 lbs in 17 months.



In 19 months, Redditor “denvosibi” lost 140 lbs.


When he started, this Reddit user had 660 lbs, and on the second photo, he weighs 285 lbs.




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