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This Luxurious Canadian Hotel Has Ghosts As Guests Since 1880 And They Have Not Checked Out Still!

The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel in Banff, Alberta, falls under the category of the luxurious hotels in Canada but as big as it’s grandeur are the stories and real life spooky incidents that are good enough to give you chill down your bones. From biggies like Marilyn Monroe, Queen Elizabeth II to Helen Keller, all have checked into the hotel and stayed but a few claims that they never they checked out. The hotel is a “Hotel of ghost stories” to which the staff covertly agrees to. Read a few below…

The “Castle of Rockies” and spooky stories

Built up and ready to serve to those who are keen to seek an experience into the luxurious wilderness, the hotel was made keeping the sportsmen and tourists in mind, who prefer an escape into the wild. It became an instant hit all over the world. From Hollywood A-listers to politicians, all made visits and planned trips to the “Castle of the Rockies”, but the hotel staff witnessed remarks and incidents that made it more famous for his haunted tales.

The tale of the Room No. 873

According to hotel lore, a man, while staying with his wife and young daughter in room 873, murdered his family who post the murder committed a suicide. The spirit of the young girl and her mother never left the room. The guests who’ve stayed in the room complained being awoken in the middle of the night by violent shrieks, and chambermaids who would clean the room everyday but would still find fingerprints of blood on the bathroom mirror that could not be washed off. In response to the disturbing reports, hotel management sealed off the room. In spite of this, some say, the ghost (or ghosts) of room 873 still haunts the vicinity of the room to this day.


A bellboy’s love for work before and after death

Another of the permanent ghostly resident of the hotel is a bellboy who walk the halls of the Banff Springs. The ghost of Sam McCauley (or McAuley), a Scottish bellman who, before his death in 1970’s, swore to lately return to haunt his workplace. Incidents involving mysterious phantom lights, elevator doors opening and closing at random and hotel guests being helped by an elderly Scottish bellman in an antiquated uniform have been attributed to Sam’s ghost.


A headless man who play music in ball rooms

Just not the hotel guests but even the hotel staff who’ve worked there haven’t left their workplace even after death. Some other alleged hotel spectres include a dead bartender who encourages drunk customers to go to bed, and a headless man who, play the bagpipes.


The staircase and the phantom bride

One of all the ghost stories associated with the Banff Springs, the most famous is the tale of the phantom bride. According to the hotel frequenters, a young couple was married in Banff in the early 1930’s. The wedding was arranged to conduct the gala of togetherness and joy. The couple also rented a bridal suite. Just at the start of the banquet, the newlywed bride ascended a marble staircase up to the Cascade Ballroom to join her husband. As she head towards where the husband was, her wedding gown brushed against one of the candles that lined the curved staircase and caught fire. In the panic that ensued, the bride tripped over her wedding dress, fell down the flight of marble stairs, broke her neck and died.


The bride is seen dancing in the ballroom much often

Reports claim that her ghost has haunted the hotel ever since. Over the years, various hotel patrons and staff have reported seeing a supernatural bride dancing alone in the Cascade Ballroom, or ascending the marble staircase where the tragic incident took place. Others have heard strange noises coming from the bridal suite when the room is not in use.

True or not, but the ghostly tales of the Banff Springs Hotel is surrounded in an aura of mystery, spookiness and thrill. It has become constituted in the folklore of Canada’s Rocky Mountains.


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