This Little Prince Harry Joke at Meghan in Front of the Queen Makes the Buzz Online

On June 26, Queen Elizabeth, Duchess Meghan Markle and Prince Harry took part in the  Queen’s Young Leaders Awards  held at Buckingham Palace. On this occasion, the Duke of Sussex spoke and made a joke to his wife.

Aware that he will take on the role of sponsor of the Queen’s Young Leaders Program starting next year, Prince Harry spoke to the honored youths in front of his grandmother and his wife. According to our colleagues at L’Express , Prince Harry said with a humorous tone:  “I am determined to support the legacy of the Queen’s young leaders and the 1.4 billion young people of the Commonwealth ”  adding to Meghan’s attention  ” And I suppose you could say that you are stuck with me … “  A little joke that immediately made her laugh but also Queen Elizabeth II

During the ceremony, the new Duchess of Sussex wore a pale dress from the Italian brand Prada that suited her very well.

Subsequently, Prince Harry outlined how he and Meghan would devote himself to the Queen’s work:  “With my wife Meghan, we look forward to bringing together Commonwealth youth to hear your ideas, work with you to build platforms, collaborate and form partnerships, and continue to meet many of you as we travel as part of our work on behalf of the Royal Family ”   before concluding,  ” We are looking forward to meeting many of you tonight, but we also hope to see you someday in your home country. “

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