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This Little Boy Is Considered A god In India For Something That Sets Him Apart From Others!!.


The 8-year-old Dulha Singh likes to play and smile like any other child of his age. However, he possesses something that sets him apart from others.

Indeed, when this young Indian was born, his parents made an incredible report on their child. The baby was wearing a hairy tail. And hair began to grow on the lower back, over time. His family reveals that the tail would be bad luck. When her mother decided to cut her, she died before she could do it. Therefore, they let him grow with and over time, Dulha became a god, at least in the eyes of the local villagers of Amritsar, in Punjab in India. They believe he is an incarnation of Hanuman, the Hindu monkey god.

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Dulha jumps on the trees and the villagers confuse him with a god and worship him, for they know that this boy is the reincarnation of the god Hanuman. Interestingly, it is very good at climbing trees, just like monkeys. This served only to reinforce the belief of the inhabitants in its supernatural powers. The mere fact of touching it is a blessing to the community that had just accepted the monkey god as a divinity.


Search result for "the young indian Dulha Singh of 8 years"

Dulha lives with her uncle Sahib Singh and her aunt. Villagers come from near and far to worship him and touch his tail to receive blessings. “People come to see him every day. They believe he is Hanuman Ji, “says his aunt.

Search result for "the young indian Dulha Singh of 8 years"

Dulha does not seem to feel sorry for his fate, for to him it is a gift from God. He is not bothered by looks although he does not understand why people come to him to receive blessings.

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