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This Limited Edition BUGATTI Isn’t Out Yet, But You’ll Never Guess Who Already Bought One!

Recently, the Bugatti has become the most popular car in hip hop. In almost every song, there’s someone talking about a Bugatti, and how much they’d love to pull up (or wake up) in one. There’s just something about the smooth French car that just has everybody wishing they had one, and if you’ve ever seen one you know exactly why. Seriously, you’ve got admit you’d never even heard of a Bugatti until people started mentioning it in their songs, but now that you have, you can’t get the car out of your head. But even in the world of expensive french cars, all Bugattis were not created equal.


Woke Up In A New...

The Bugatti Chiron, which is set to make it’s debut in 2016, is currently one of the most talked about cars on the scene. The limited edition sports car will definitely be hard to come by, which is why those who can afford it are ready to make the purchase. But with all of the celebrities who are ready to spend stacks on the car, you’ll probably never guess who was one of the first to actually place an order. Here’s a hint: it’s definitely not who you’re thinking.


Take a look at the video to find out which celebrity is one of the first people to own aBugatti Chiron. Were you surprised?



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