This Letter from Melania Trump to France’s Brigitte Macron Moves Millions of French Citizens

The First Lady of the United States is not so close to her other female bridesmaids. Unlike her husband who acts without measuring the consequences, Melania Trump does not have many friends.

Apart from her taste for clothing and accessories criticized by Internet users, the young woman knows how to be discreet. Speaking of collaboration, Trump’s wife seems to be on good terms with the First Lady of France.

Indeed, their story lasts two years after their first meeting in Belgium. Even if they do not have the same working approaches, Brigitte and Melania share the same social ideologies.


Present alongside their husbands in Normandy to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Allied landing on Thursday, June 6, the two ladies did not get emotional.

This meeting was an opportunity for them to share a lunch and Brigitte took the opportunity to express her emotion at a gesture of Melania that dates back to April.

In the aftermath of the fire caused by the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, Melania Trump wrote a letter to Emmanuel Macron’s wife.

In this letter she spoke about her sadness, but also the good memories she kept of her visit of the cathedral with Brigitte Macron, in July 2017. To believe, the French First Lady was moved by this attention.


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