This Leaked Video Of Kenya’s Opposition Leader, Raila Odinga Has Caused Tension In NASA


A leaked video of Opposition leader Raila Odinga wearing a Father Christmas hat and making merry at a private party has stirred controversy among his supporters.

The video has been doing rounds on social media and triggered anxiety among Raila’s close allies as to who might have leaked the clip.

Yesterday, Gem MP Elisha Odhiambo, who was accused of circulating the video, dismissed the claims, saying it was the work of his political enemies.

“It’s rubbish. It’s a lie. I cannot do anything like that. It’s the work of my detractors and Jakom (Raila) is aware about it,” Mr Odhiambo said “Raila knows what is happening and I hope this unfortunate matter will come to an end this evening.”

A renowned blogger took to his Facebook page soon after the video hit the internet, claiming it was the legislator who had secretly filmed the former premier as he spoke at the private party.

The debate spread like bush fire on social media, with WhatsApp groups, especially those for people in Siaya County, debating it for hours on end.

“This is unfortunate. These political rivalries in Gem are taking dangerous angles. I think these antagonists need some time to dialogue,” said one member of a WhatsApp group


The video appears to start with Raila speaking on his determination to lead Kenyans to the ‘promised land’ by taking an oath as the people’s president.

“I am going to tell you when we will take this oath. You must have faith that the Israelites will reach Canaan,” Raila appears to say.

Raila spent most of Christmas Day attending church and visiting friends and relatives.

The video then shows Raila asking other guests to rise as he proposes a toast.

“I propose a toast for our triumphant entry into Canaan,” he says as he raises his wine glass amid a chorus of “cheers!”

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