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“This Is Why There Is Poverty In The World Today,” Says Nigeria’s TB Joshua

The Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua, in his Christmas message, revealed the cause of poverty in the world today.

 TB Joshua

According to TB Joshua, lack of compassion and love is the main reason behind all this.

“The beauty of life does not depend on our happiness, but on how others can be happy because of you,”Joshua said in a Facebook post.


Citing chapters of the Bible (1 Corinthians 13:13), he explained that, “The way you love your neighbor determines the extent of your relationship with God. “

”  You are rich but you always complain – as if you have nothing … You have money but unanswered questions come up in your life. You are president, but every time you are in private, you scream for what you do not have .

“Goods do not report when we keep them. Money does not bless when we keep it in the safe, but rather by offering it to help the poor, needy, refugees and others in need. We use the money to get what we need, but when we keep it, it becomes useless, it’s like we do not have one, “ wrote Joshua.

And to continue by affirming.


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