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This Is Why Moms Naturally Carry Babies On Their Left Side – New Research!!

Naturally, most mothers have the tendency of carrying their children on the left hand side. The Left-cradling bias is natural in humans and not only in Humans but in other mammals. As true as it is no reason whatsoever have explained why it is so until now.

Recent research has probed into the left-cradling bias to discover that it is an evolutionary provision that makes it easier for others to attend to the emotional needs of their children.

“Recent findings support the hypothesis that a left-cradling bias arises from the right hemisphere advantage for social processing, for example, visual recognition of infant facial expressions.”

From the scientific realm, holding the baby on the left hand side allows information to be processed by the right side of the brain. Biology tells us that, the right side of the brain controls the left part of the body.

The brain is symmetrically divided into 2 parts- The left and right hemisphere.

Both sides carry out specific functions. For instance, the left hemisphere controls the right parts of the body. It is in charge of logic, science and calculations. The left hemisphere is also responsible for reasoning, analytic thoughts, memory, processing what you hear(language) and aspects of speaking.

The right hemisphere likewise controls the left parts of the body. It carries out creative and art inclined tasks, controls intuition, spatial awareness, imagination, music, thoughts in general and insights. The right hemisphere also helps us make sense of what we see.

“The preference to hold infants on the left rather than the right side of the body as reported in human populations reflects socio-emotional processes and potentially facilitates mother-infant relationships.”


Women naturally possess a keen sense of intuition. So when the baby is on the left hand side, automatically the right brain’s activation in directed to the emotions of the baby. It helps the mother with face recognition. They quickly make sense of their baby’s expressions and promptly react to their needs.

The left-side cradling bias helps to strengthen mother-child bonding.

Left-side Cradling

About 70-85% of mothers carry their babies on the left hand side.

The researchers who conducted the new study says that left-cradling is actually the best for mothers. They carried out experiments on several animals like walruses and orcas to kangaroos, to discover that most animals also adopt left-side cradling.

“Our findings suggest that sensory lateralisation facilitates mother–infant bonding.”

“In this study we provide the first direct demonstration of lateralization in an infant’s active choice of spatial position near the mother in a diverse range of mammal species.”

“The position of the infant on the mother’s left side may optimize maternal monitoring by directing sensory information predominantly to the mother’s right hemisphere. Right hemispheric superiority underlies the perceptual lateralization in social behaviors of many phylogenetically diverse data.”


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