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This is Why Millions of Tourists Won’t Stop Visiting these Four African Countries Over and Over Again

Tourism is one of the greatest income earners for Africa in light of its delightful and interesting locales, agreeable populace and diverse culture.

Be that as it may, a few countries get a bigger number of tourists than others in light of different reasons including decent variety of tourism spots, vacationer bundles, and in addition political and financial strength.

The recently released African measurable yearbook by the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) features the quantity of tourists that went to every African nations in 2017. As indicated by AfDB:

Data on Tourism have been primarily collected from National sources, and where national sources are not available, from the online databases UNWTO and Tourism Decision Metrics of Tourism Economics.

Here are the four countries with the highest number of tourists in 2017:


Morocco leads Africa again as the country with the highest tourist arrivals in 2017.   According to the report, 11 million tourists visited the country.  Some of the popular sites for tourists in Morocco include:




Chefchaouen City

Volubilis ruins

South Africa

South Africa comes in second with 10 million tourists arriving in the country in 2017.  The country offers not only wildlife but also scenic sites such as the table mountains and historical gems such as Robben Island.

Here are some of the popular sites.

Cape Town

Photo: Business Insider

Kruger National Park

Robben Island

Garden Route



Photo: Rainbow Cabs


Egypt comes in at third with eight million tourists.   From the pyramids to the oases and temples in the region, tourists have some great sites to see:


Photo: Hospitality net

Montaza Palace

Photo: egyptianstreets.


Nile Cruises

Photo: Egypttoursplus.

Hurghada Red sea tours

Photo: TTG Media

Egypt National Museum

Photo: Daily News Egypt


Tunisia had 5.7million tourists in 2017. Some of the sites to see include:

El Jem Amphitheatre

Photo: Lonely Planet

Nabeul market

Colorful Tunisian pottery in front of the souvenir store in Nabeul, Tunisia



Sahara Tour

Falconry Festival

Photo: AFKTravel

Credit: Face2faceafrica


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