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This is Why Corn Flakes Were Invented in the Late 1800s

Cornflakes were originally created to “rid the mind of sinful thoughts”. The anti-sex activist, Mr. Kellogg, felt that a bland, natural diet was the key to preventing people from masturbating.

According to Kate Devlin’s new book, Turned On: Science Sex and Robots, sweet cereals are designed to keep people away from sex and discourage them from having fun.

This is why corn flakes were invented in the late 1800s

The book, which explores how robots could shape our sex lives, also describes how sensitive sex was for John H. Kellogg, the mastermind behind the family breakfast cereals at the end of the nineteenth century.

Dr. Kellogg, a Seventh-day Adventist, anti-sex activist, said the solution to sexual pleasure was a bland, “healthy” diet designed to “reduce cravings.”

He believed so strongly that sex was detrimental to the mind and body, that he slept in a separate room of his wife and never consummated the marriage, choosing instead to adopt all their children. And he thought that love with oneself was even worse by writing, “If the illegal trade in the sexes is a heinous sin, self-pollution is a doubly abominable crime.”


He said he discovered the symptoms of masturbations, including mood swings, poor posture, acne, epilepsy, palpitations and a penchant for spicy foods.

Anxious to prevent the public from touching each other, he ventured into business with his brother William to sell the tasteless breakfast dish.

This is why corn flakes were invented in the late 1800s

“After visiting a corn flake factory, I can confirm that this is one of the least exciting places in my life,” writes Kate.

Kellogg felt that regular foods would help patients resist the urge to have sex. He therefore proposed two different cereals.

One of his “health products” was oatmeal and cornmeal biscuits called “granola” and the other corn flakes.

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes have been a family favorite ever since.


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